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:damphyr:This is the official deviantArt roleplaying group for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the manga by Akira Amano. Anyone with decent writing skills and a reasonable amount of knowledge on the series is welcome to join, so please check out our rules and our list of available characters if you're interested!
:damphyr:Only members of the roleplay will be added when you ask to 'Join our Group', so get applying if you want to be part of this group!

Introducation shamelessly based on TouhouRp-dA's.
Founded 9 Years ago
Nov 4, 2008


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74 Members
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Rules and How to Join

:? How do I join?

Also, before you join, please understand that we are primarly a CHAT BASED rp; if you don't like using the chatrooms, then this rp may not be for you. Activity is usually measured in this aspect as well, if we don't see you in our chat for a while, we will call you up on inactivity and you must then prove to us with a comment thread or similar that you HAVE been rping on the account.

1. Choose a character from the “remaining characters” list in our journal.
If you are applying for an animal/box weapon, you are applying for an ANIMAL. Not an animal that you will always RP as a human. We don't look kindly on animal RPers who constantly abuse the humanising. You are free to do it in moderation, but you will be warned if an admin thinks you are using it to excess.
2. Send us (the group) a note (please type a subject like this: "Application: Chrome Dokuro, it will help me to categorize the notes) filling out the form below:
a) Which character do you want?:
b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
d) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
e) Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No):
f) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:

After sending your initial note, we will then reply (via note) with a topic/subject/situation for your monologue which will be in the following format;

The topic/subject for your monologue is as follows;

-the topic for your monologue will be here-

Please show us how the character would act in this situation without lifting text from the anime/manga.

Please show us (by writing a monologue which should be a paragraph, meaning 4 or 5 lines at least)and please note the text should look something similar to the following;

ex: call yourself my underling and you cannot even deal with something so trivial. Pathetic. *stands, heading to the door, swiftly heading past Kusakabe with a quiet noise of discontempt and heads towards the problem on the second floor* So... who dares disturb the peace of Namimori? *looks towards the source of the problem, blinking slowly at the culprits who immediately stop at the sight of him* A little group of herbivores, how quaint. *smirks briefly, bearing a tonfa before him* Are you prepared for your punishment now? All violators of the rules...will be bitten to death. </blockquote>

We will no longer accept literary style (i.e. like a fanfiction) as a monologue. You must write in SCRIPT STYLE (like the example above), from your character's point of view.
We request you use the topic that we give you and then send your monologue back to us. It simply helps us see if you can stay IC in any situation and prevents people from lifting text directly from the manga, which could give a false sense of IC.</blockquote>
3. Please do not create an account before receiving the note telling that you’re in (It's up to you to to get your own icon, just take a look at everyone elses' to see what kind of icons we use, but if you're struggling to get one, ask one of the admins or co-admins and we'll try to help you out.)
4. Once you’re in, don’t forget to submit an introduction journal, webcam and icon. Remaining confidential or mentioning your regular account is up to you. Oh yeah, please let me know your account actually exists, whether or not through a note, or a comment on this page, or else I won't add you.
5. If you leave/give up your account, you MUST send us a note with the password to your account. This is for when you leave your account so that the next person that applies for that character doesn't have to create a new account for the same character. If you don't we will contact your main account to get it. Your password will not be given out to anyone.

:pointr: The same application process applies for a second character.

:target: RULES: For Canon Characters

:bulletblack: Use full parenthesis or brackets, ( ), (( )), { } etc. when making ooc posts, either in chatroom or comments.

:bulletblack: We do not use fanfiction style here; we don't accept it in monologues, and we don't want it in chatroom either. We're here to RP, not write fanfictions and it can get distracting to other RPers who use the more concise script style, which is what we prefer.

:bulletblack: When making a new character's account you must make an introduction journal, but the same applies if you are taking up an already existing account. Make an introduction journal; it just makes it easier for the rest of the group.

:bulletblack: Please try to keep from ooc when roleplaying.
If you were accepted, it obviously means your monologue was in character, so please keep it that way!

:bulletblack:Unofficial pairings are allowed.
Crack pairings are welcome too but don't get too out of hand!(i.e. no children or marriages)

:bulletblack: Keep the accounts active! Let’s say, at least once every two weeks.
If you are inactive for two weeks, your MAIN ACCOUNT will be noted with a warning. You then have three days to reply to the note either with a link to the comment thread you have been active on, or to tell us you are giving up the account.
:bulletblack:Please note that just LOGGING IN to the account does NOT count as activity.
If we call you up on inactivity EVEN IF you have been online in the last two weeks, please be prepared to link us to a comment thread that you have been RPing on.

:bulletblack: If you’re going on a hiatus, please inform people by mentioning it in your journal.
Don’t forget to tell how long you will be gone (if you know that is, if you are unsure, please say you are on indefinite hiatus.)

:bulletblack: Please type in full sentences with correct punctuation, and keep your grammar and spelling up.
Understandably, not everyone's first language is English, but please do try your best.

:bulletblack: Please be nice to others! Just because your character's a jerk doesn't mean you have an excuse to be.
Do not be unnecessarily contradictory or rude, even if you and a certain RPer aren't friends. If someone asks you to stop doing something, you stop. Admins WILL get involved in situations which get out of hand.

:bulletblack: Listen to admins; ignoring us or trying to avoid our questions will not be tolerated.
Do not make a fuss about our decisions in chat, if you have a genuine problem with what we have done or said, and think it to be unjustified, note us, don't make a big deal out of it.

:bulletblack: When giving up an account or character, please end all relationships with that character so the new RPer that applies for them may start the account fresh. Also, make a journal SAYING you are leaving.

:bulletblack: If you have any problems, please note the group or one of the admins, we will do our best to sort it out for you.


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Welcome to the KHRRPHQ!

Admin:  Dynamite-Gokudera
Former Admin: Spartan-142

Disclaimer: These characters in this project do not belong to us. They all belong to Akira Amano. We're role-playing Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters just for fun!

External Affiliate: www.heart-of-the-mafia.proboar…

From: Dynamite-Gokudera

:new::bulletred:In the last few weeks I can count on one hand, with fingers leftover, how many people I've seen in chat. And no one's been posting RP journals to make up for it. Either drop your account or get active. I'll be messaging all dead roleplayers main accounts (which is practically everyone) for passwords, and if you want to have the character back, you'll have to reapply, but only if you actually intend to roleplay. I'm so sick of people just hanging onto accounts because they like the character. And being busy at school, too busy to log on once in two weeks to make a new journal or pop into chat is NOT an excuse. If you're really too taxed to spend a few minutes writing a journal or a few comments, then you shouldn't have the account in the first place. So yeah, tough luck brothers and sisters, the reaper's in town.

:bulletred: There is now NO limit to the amount of characters you can apply for (within reason though, I don't think I want anyone with like 10 accounts or something, wow), but instead now, applying for a new character is something earned, not a right. If you are active then you will never be declined in new applications, however if you are inactive with what account you currently have, you will be declined until activity gets better. I'm going to do a purge of accounts in the coming weekend too, so if you've been inactive, tough, your account is gone, no more second chances now. You'll have to reapply if you want them back. So there you go. Any problems or concerns, take them up with me.

:bulletred: TO ALL APPLICANTS, NEW OR EVEN IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING MEMBER; If you do not get a reply to your application within a week of sending your MONOLOGUE (not the initial note), then please BUG ONE OF THE ADMINS UNTIL WE REPLY, either by commenting here, on MY page at Dynamite-Gokudera, or at Bya's page at AconiteGod-Byakuran (or alternately, either of us on msn if you have our addresses). Having two admins is great for sharing responsibilities and stuff, but sometimes we think the other has done something when they've not and we end up forgetting about things, namely, apps that we THINK we've replied to but haven't. So there you go, ANNOY US IF NEED BE, JUST PLEASE LET US KNOW.

From: AconiteGod-Byakuran

:bulletpurple: It seems we keep getting applications and the mono part takes months it seems sometimes. It's especially bothersome when we have other monos that are waiting for the same character. We're now putting a time frame on how long you have to send in the mono. You have one week to send in your monolouge after we send the promt to you. One week equals seven (7) days. We understand that you have hectic full lives, but also; you applied for the character so take the responsibility to finish up quickly so we can decide. Thank you.

:bulletpurple: Please keep personal life stuff to a minimum unless it is to tell us that it conflicts with your time to RP. But don't come into the chatroom and start complaining. It ruins the roleplayers moods.

:bulletpurple: PLEASE stay in character. Crack is good, but not all the time. There is a balance.

:bulletpurple: We're adopting the three strikes you're out rule. First; Warning, Second; Suspension, Third; Expulsion from the KHRRP-DA. Please Remember to stay in character. We don't want to lose RolePlayers

RP Chatroom:

:pointr: Regular chat:…
:pointr: R-rated chat:… </blockquote>

:new: What's New?
     This is the section where you will be informed about the latest updates.

     :pointr: Please welcome our newest members!


:spotlight-left: Events~! :spotlight-right:

- other suggested events to be discussed -

:pointr: TYL week
:pointr: Zombie Apocalypse week
:pointr: TYB week
:pointr: Fairy tale week
:pointr: Beach party
:pointr: Pool party
:pointr: Camping trip
:pointr: Italy trip
:pointr: Crack week 2

We're listed under:
The Official Club for Role Play at deviantART

:community: Members…

See below for the list of remaining characters~


Characters Remaining
We do not accept applications for any of the First Guardians.

Accounts ready and made with no RPer.

Kyoko Kyoko-Sasagawa
Fran Froggy-Fran
Mukuro Illusions-Mukuro
Squalo Varia-Squalo
Haru Haru-desu86
Rasiel TheKing-Rasiel
Xanxus BossofVaria-Xanxus
Lambo Boku-wa-Lambo
Gamma Electric-Gamma
Reborn Katekyo-Reborn
Lussuria Fabulous-Lussuria
Oregano CEDEF-Oregano
Cervello 2pink-Cervello
Gingerbread Magician-Gingerbread
Genkshi swordsmasterGenkishi
Jirou Jirou-Akita
Spanner Mechanic-Spanner
Uni Princess-Uni
Kikyou Cloud-Kikyou
Hana Kurokawa Kurokawa--Hana
Kusakabe Kusakabe-Tetsuya
Kawahira Kawahira-Ojisan
Volpi (Gamma's box weapons) Nero-Volpi
Natsu (Nuts. Tsuna's box weapon) LeoneDiCieli
Zakuro FuneralWreath-Zakuro
Naito (Tomaso boss) Tomaso-Naito
Hibird Yellow-Hibird
Romario Roaming-Romario
Vongola Ninth (Timoteo) Kyuudaime-Timoteo
Birds birds-the-pedo
Pantera S-S-Pantera
Squalo's Shark Grande-Pioggia-Shark
Torikabuto FW-Torikabuto
Iemitsu (Tsuna's dad) Sawada-Iemitsu
Aria (Uni's mother) GiglioNero-Aria
Quinto Vongola-Quinto
Lancia Fearsome-Lancia
Bester (Xan's ligre) LigreTempestadeCielo
Nana (Tsuna's Mother) Sawada-Nana
Glo Xinia Twitchtastic-Glo
Bluebell Bluebell-Millefiore

No existing account currently.

Yoka Iris
Genkishi's Spettrale Nudiblanc
Bianchi's Scorpione de Tempesta
Glo Xinia's Kraken de Pioggia
Dendro Chilum's Elettro Cinghiale
Nigella Beabunkul's Onikuma (Monster/Demon Bear)
Baishana's Serpente Tempesta
Olgert's Rain Pelican
Levi A Than's Lightning Torpedo
Lussuria's Peacock of Serenity
Olgert's Elefante Forte Pioggia

If we're missing anybody, please tell us! (And we know we're missing a lot.) If you see a character not on any of the lists in this journal, feel free to still apply for them!


Journal style taken off of GSRP-DA.
More Journal Entries


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